Kheri Hamdan

Kheri Hamdan

BSc Econs (Hons) Wales (Aberystwyth)
Co-founder | Director
Future Living
Technology Applications

Kheri Hamdan is a serial entrepreneur, with more than 15 years of experience in various industries ranging from information technology, broadcast, to civil engineering. He has under his belt hands on experience in project management, project financing, business management and sales.

In recent years, he is actively exploring using disruptive emerging technologies through several startups. He is an avid advocator of the new digital economy and creates awareness of the next ‘Industrial Revolution 4.0’ through his engagements in various communities. He regularly attends, organises and speaks at local blockchain events.

Kheri holds a Bsc in Economics from the University of Wales Aberystwyth, United Kingdom and his key interests include emerging technologies, Austrian economics, finance, renewable energy, sustainability and wellness.

He is currently President of Awaken Grounds, a community of entrepreneurs dedicated at being the driving force in technology usage to create impact in the areas of eco-friendliness & sustainability, wellness & healthcare, and digitalisation. His key role as president is to develop the technology blueprint for Awaken Grounds and to secure capital/equity investments for identified Awaken Ground impact ventures.

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