Reza Azmi

Reza Azmi

Co-founder | Brand & Marketing

Reza Azmi

A graduate of University of Miami, Coral Gables Florida, many that have “dealt” with Reza Azmi considered him as an effective rainmaker & negotiator and expert client manager. His left-brain strategic approach to projects allows him to complement creative teams, offering clients a 360 handling of project assessment and management.

Before finding his forte in strategic communications and co-founding a creative agency 16 years ago, Reza already had considerable experience in a wide range of industries including banking, IT, project management, event management, and private equity funding. This diverse background not only afforded him knowledge of many sectors but also gained him access to key decision-makers and resource people, an advantage he capitalizes in his “deal-making”.

In his dual capacity as Studio24’s DealMaster and also the Managing Partner of Hyperthrive Digital, he delves into creative production, social media, PR and digital marketing.

The role of producer saw him involved in video production for Cradle.TV, a web and social media initiative by Cradle Ventures to highlight entrepreneurs under their guidance and mentoring. The year-long contract also opened inroads for Reza to have access to several angel investors and to entrepreneurs in the start-up scene, equipping him valuable knowledge of key ecosystems in business dealings.

Reza brings to the ECODWELL VENTURES team “smoking” hot connections and the accessibility to the world of business opportunities and creative possibilities.

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